Monday, January 31, 2011

jan 31

so its been a minute since ive updated. anyways heres wats new..
bp bowling league begins tonite. im on a team with anthony and johnny. my nickname is jammer. sweeeeet.
oh yea im level 3 kung fu. so i can kill you 3 times before you even hit the ground.
speakin of hittin the ground.. friday wa crazy. i took jan out to see the city. oh yea. jam is a political refugee from finnland. he ran away from the army and has been staying at tomokos. she worked friday nite so i took him to the city to check out the night life. we started at will and lexis. after pregaming for a while and killing a whole bottle of jd we headed out to the bars. started at this one bar that had porno magazine cutouts all over the counter and floor and porno clips on monitors throughout the establishment. it was way crowded tho so we left. went to a karaoke lounge. signed up for twist and shout by the beatles but the wait was too long we had to leave. because jan was pounding on the table and fucking with the candles so the bouncers werent happy and we decided to leave before we got into some real trouble. john q met up with us and we all went to some club. it was hella crowded there too but pretty cool cuz the place was super huge. but anyways we still had one more destination. down to 6th and market my friends were spinnin. arite so we get there and some friends are there so im tryna catch up and have some fun. oh yea this dude brennan was there. hes my enemy. but he apologized for all the past shit and offered me a drink. i said no fool you think a drink makes up for all the shit in the past. nah were not cool. i thnk i called him a bitch or something but he didnt even do anything about it cuz he knows hes wrong. i told him he had to earn my forgiveness and that a drink doesnt make everything alright. but watevs he s a punk and i dont really give a fuck. so anyways jan is wasted. i guess he ended up like spilling his drink on the table with all the light show equipment so tyler and shane were throwing him out of the club. i helped thrwo him out too and ask questions later. so once we get outside hes like way belligerent. i saved his ass from gettin beat  but i then had to beat his ass myself cuz he was out of control. i believe i punched him 6 times in a flurry and he went down. fuckin sasan came up and was like hey guys keep it down were tryna smoke weed over here and youre blowin the spot up. thats hella not productive and i dont like it. its like help me then motherfucker you whiny little gemini bitch. do something.  anyways theres hella crackheads around gettin all up in the biz and i just dont like them. one dude was talkin to jan so jan called him a nigger! so i was like alright dude youre on your own now. and went and got a slice of pizza. by the time i got back he was gone. i guess he found his way to the train station and ran over to sam and matts so hes ok but damn that shit was crazy.  me will and lexi just went back to their place and chilled and had chinese food for breakfast in the morning.
anyways thats all for now that i can think of so lataz

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