Monday, January 3, 2011

so new years was awesome! worked 8-4 but got off early cuz slow business at 12
took a nap so i could be ready to stay up all night
tomoko and i met up and went down to 820 cuz sam told us derek was throwin a party
also i brought molly with me ;)
anyways i came outta retirement to play some bp and then re-retired undefeated cuz im a boss but really derek did most of the work but hey i didnt troll so its all gud
we just kept winning so by the time we decided to let others play it was almost midnite and w had to jam hella quick status down to keaghans in redwood
it actually turned 12 while we were in the car on our way there but its watev we totally didnt crack a bottle of champagne in the car lol
once we got there it was great!
hella everyone was there and it was so awesome
all my friends were so optimistic about the new year and zero drama went down
i even came outta bp retirement again to help tomoko finish a game in which we were down only to defeat our opponents hella tuff yee
the house has hardwood floors and all the couches were taken and going upstairs was off limits so i slep on the stairs cuz they have carpet
but i woke up in the master bedroom wrapped in a towel like a burrito
i have no idea
anyways i caught a ride home with melanie and joey cuz tomoko was hella passed out and refused to wake up
first meal of the new year: double double animal style with fries and pink lemonade
this is the life


  1. sounds like a very nice start in the new year!

  2. Quite and adventure there :)

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  3. Hey dude, cool blog
    check mine out and let's support each other

  4. ya man good shit, house parties over clubs any day of the week, hope the towel didnt slip ya something